Richard Mak's Profile

Richard's various endeavours

Richard is thankful for a varied career and the opportunities to embark on numerous high-impact programmes. This website highlights his various endeavours.

Author of Snap! Creative Ideas On Demand

Richard dedicated 5 years of his life to author the “Creative Ideas On Demand” book (2015). It consists of a creative problem-solving approach called the PCAN Model and 4 creative thinking techniques.

Why You Should Read This Book

  • The 4 CreativeIdeas-On-Demand© Techniques will teach you to think illogically, irrationally or ridiculously to systematically generate many ideas or solutions.

  •  We use real-life challenges, examples, quizzes with suggested solutions, diagrams and photos to make our Creative Thinking know-how tangible.

  • We designed this book  to compress more than 20 years of research into easy to understand materials which can be digested in 7 hours.

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Innovation Practitioner

Richard walk the talk. He put his creativity know-how to good use by being an Innovation Practitioner. Some examples of his innovation undertakings:

  • Inventor of the Zeros-To-Heros game which has been nominated for the MENSA Select seal even though he does not play any board game except for Monopoly and the Cashflow game.

  • Appointed as Promotions Manager of Asia Pacific Breweries, a blue chip listed company even though he does not have any sale and marketing experience.

    • Richard innovation capacity boosted his career adaptability and employability. He has secured good jobs in 5 different industries with each job in a different functional area compared to previous jobs. What is amazing is that he was climbing the corporate ladder all the time.

  • Richard recovered > S$700,000 bad/doubtful debts (outstanding for more than 1.5 years) in less than 3 months from a Middle East firm for a joint-venture entity for a multi-billion conglomerate. His effective innovative tactics saved the Salim Group costly legal fees and management resources.


Expertise in Business Model Innovations
  • Invited speaker at the Singapore Innovation & Productivity Conference: Business Model Innovation: Redefining Possibilities. Event was hosted by the Singapore Manufacturing Federation and the Singapore Innovation and Productivity Institute.

  • Designed & delivered public-runs and in-house Business Model Innovations workshops.

  • Delivered workshops: “Developing Business Model Innovations” to iCentre Brunei

  • Designed and delivered a well received programme – CFO as the Corporate Strategist – Mastering the Strategy Toolkit for the ACCA (Singapore).

The MOLI Entrepreneur Success System

More than 70% of startups fail within the 1st 5 years as entrepreneurs have not developed the core competencies for success. While acquiring know-how in business like, sales, finance, accounting, finance, operations are essential, they are not the core competencies. 


After studying successful entrepreneurs for more than 20 years, Richard conceptualized and developed an integrated framework to develop entrepreneurs called the MOLI® Success System. Read more

inventor of the Zeros-To-Heros game

Richard invented “Zeros-To-Heros”. This is the world’s 1st boardgame that is custom-designed to help players discover their entrepreneurial potential. Playing this game also helps participants internalize the MOLI© Success System. This game has been nominated for the MENSA Select Seal. Receiving the  Mensa Select  Seal (Singapore) indicates that the Zeros-To-Heros® game is original and creative in concept, challenging, a good value for the price, easy to comprehend and play, and, above all, fun. This board game has been played by more than 3,000 participants who are PMEs (Professionals, Managers, Executives) and students in Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei and Vietnam. 


Richard is also the inventor of the BrainEEE Cards System.


Richard is an award-winning entrepreneur, having received the “e-GLOBAL” 2003 Award and is a “Spirit of Enterprise” award nominee (2006).


Richard is the Managing Director of Alpha-Plus Training Consultants Pte. Ltd. which has received the Professional Enterprise Award by the Asian Management Association (AMA). 

Social Entrepreneur

Richard is the Founder of TalentRefreshed, a Singapore social enterprise. It is formed with the mission to generate income and employment opportunities for the unemployed PMEs (Professionals, Managers and Executives) who are eager to work and be financially independent. Read more

Corporate experience

Richard has more than 30 years of corporate and business experience. His corporate appointments include senior management positions with the Salim Group, one of the largest conglomerates in Indonesia, Asia-Pacific Brewery, a blue-chipped SGX-listed company and a Japanese investment bank. His diverse experiences spanned business development, joint-venture dealings, strategic business planning, sales & marketing, banking, finance, management & financial accounting. Richard has provided corporate advisory services in several multi-million dollars joint-ventures and strategic alliances. He has been consulted in business start-ups, franchising, business valuation, business development and setting-up of internal control systems for SMEs. Read more

Corporate Trainer

Richard is the only Master Trainer (2002/2003) for the “Be Your Own Boss” & “Self-Employment Training” programs organized by the SPEC (Singapore Professionals and Executives Co-operatives) under the auspices of the Singapore Human Resources Institue (SHRI). Both programmes were funded by the Ministry of Manpower for retrenched executives. 


He is one of the pioneers as a Trained Facilitator of the Adventure Learning Programme under the auspices of the Singapore Training and Development Association. This programme is based on Experiential Learning and is highly rated in inculcating creative thinking & problem-solving, leadership development, building strong bonding & teamwork.


Richard was a speaker at the “Business Model Innovation: Redefining Possibilities” Conference organizes by the Singapore Manufacturing Federation (2013). He has designed and delivered workshops for more than 25 years in Singapore, Malaysia,  Brunei, Thailand, Vietnam, China and the USA. 


Adjunct Lectureship 

Richard is an educationist-at-heart. He was a former Director of Business Studies with the Institute of Technical Education, a Singapore government statutory board tasked with vocational training. He has received an “Excellence in Teaching” Awards by the Singapore Polytechnic. Richard is the only Singaporean who has taught the “Creativity, Innovation and Change” module with the Open University MBA programme in 1997. Richard has lectured extensively in world-renowned MBA programmes in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta and China with the University of Leeds, Open University, Maastricht School of Management and the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. ​Read more​


Richard is a multi-disciplinary professional. 

Academic qualifications
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) majoring in Creative Problem-Solving and Decision Sciences from the University of Hull (UK)

  • Bachelor of Accountancy, National University of Singapore

  • ACCA qualification from the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, UK

  • Graduate Diploma in Marketing, Marketing Institute of Singapore

  • Certificate in Systems Analysis, Japan-Singapore Institute of Software Technology

​Skill upgrading - courses attended

  • Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA - Full certificate with all 6 modules). This is a competency-based certification programme awarded by the Singapore Government (Workforce Development Agency).

  • Implementing Design Thinking  course - a Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications conducted by the Institute of System Science (National University of Singapore) ​

  • Innovative Venture Creation course - a National Infocomm Competency Framework (NICF) qualification conducted by Lithan Hall Academy

  • Genesis Entrepreneurship Training (GET) course conducted by Boyd Au, 7 Notes Capital

  • Internet course: Internet marketing, Email marketing, Online copywriting, Facebook marketing, Video editing, Youtube marketing, Wordpress

  • Certified Business Coaching conducted by Dr. Charlie In

  • Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistics Programming conducted by Dr. Mel Gill, Transactional Analysis 101, Advanced Transactional Analysis, Clinical Transactional Analysis