Workshop 3

Developing Essential Business Skills for Startups

We are pleased to propose the following initiatives that will create an experiential learning platform and empower your pupils with the skills in exploring business opportunities, studying market feasibility and research information and creating business plan that sells!

Learning Outcomes
  • To introduce to students basic elements of a business plan using the MOLI concept

  • To teach students how to design and conduct market surveys and interpret and analyse survey results

  • To teach students how to write a business plan using an acceptable template

  • To conduct hands-on session and help students complete an actual business plan

  • To critique students’ presentation of business plans and provide constructive feedback for improvement


Why Richard Can Assist You to Achieve the Learning Outcome

Richard has:

  • Developed a proprietary “MOLI Success System” that ENABLES your entrepreneurial power

  • Developed “Zeros-to-Heros”, the world’s first board game. This boardgame is well-tested and well-received by numerous primary, secondary and post-secondary educational institutions.

  • Organised the 1st Principal Forum that outlined a STRATEGIC ROADMAP called the “3E approach” to a school-wide, cost-effective I&E implementation. This Principals’ Forum was well-received by senior management of schools.

  • Very experienced lecturer who have conducted similar trainings for hundreds of students

  • Fun and engaging activities to allow students learn optimally through experiential learning

  • Well-tested content that has been time-tested with many educational organizations and corporate clients.

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