Richard's Corporate Experience

Managing Director, Alpha-Plus Training Consultants Pte. Ltd.
  • Alpha-Plus Training specializes in Creativity, Innovation,  & Entrepreneurship programmes.  It was awarded the Professional Enterprise Award for vision and strategic direction; excellence in organizational congruence and professionalism by the Asian Management Association (AMA) and Certified Consultant Academy (CCA).


  • Richard has invented the world’s 1st Board Game on entrepreneurship, “Zeros-To-Heros” (design-patented) and created the “MOLI Success System”, a holistic approach which enables the innovative and enterprising power of individuals. Thisboardgame has been nominated for the SINGAPORE MENSA SELECT AWARDS (2007). It has been played by more than 3,000 participants who are PMEs (Professionals, Managers, Executives) and students in Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei and Vietnam. This board game is an innovative tool that helps to unleash the enterprising spirit of PMEs and help students to discover their entrepreneurial potential.


  • Richard is the only Singaporean who has been appointed as a Master Trainer for two Ministry of Manpower funded entrepreneurship programme, “Be Your Own boss” and “Set Employment Training” in 2002/2003 for retrenched executives.


  • Alpha-Plus Training has carved out a niche in corporate training in Innovation, “Developing the Enterprising Executives” & Teambuilding. It  also offers a wide range of enrichment programmes: Creativity & Innovation, Brained-Based Learning, Studying Skills, Mindmapping, Student Leadership, Developing Wholesome Self-Esteemed & Emotional Quotient and Peer-Tutoring Skills. See appendix for a partial listing of clients.


Director, Business Studies – Institue of Technical Education (West)
  • The Institute of Technical Education (ITE) is a post-secondary statutory board charged with vocational training in Singapore.


  • Oversaw a cluster of 5 campuses with a staff strength of more than 300.  In-charge of strategic directions and policy formulation for Academic Studies, Business Studies and Physical Educations cum CCAs. Was involved in recruitment, motivation and staff performance appraisal.


  • During my tenure, I helped to launch the e-Commerce course, proposed and implemented Peer Support System and significantly upgrade staff expertise to operate the Alpha-Adventure Park, a training facilities for  outdoor leadership development programmes.


Senior Manager, Management Services Division, Salim Group/KMP Pte Ltd
  • KMP is the Singapore corporate head office of the Salim Group of Indonesia. Salim Group is one of the largest conglomerates in Indonesia with business interests in manufacturing, property development, leisure, foodstuff and building industry. KMP had asset-backing of S$1 billion for strategic investment purposes.

Highlights of my tenure with the KMP Group:

  • Provided advisory services on strategic business policies & project review. Involved in Corporate Re-structuring exercises and instituted Change Management policies.


  • Reviewed 7 business proposals with investment value of between US$ 8 million to US$150 million. These investment proposals were written by corporations who targetted the Salim Group as potential joint venture partner.


  • Invited to be part of the Salim Group negotiating team in a joint venture project in Vietnam with Mercedes Benz. Provided financial advisory services in the negotiation.


  • Spearheaded the corporate development programme in KMP Coastal Oil, a joint-venture company and streamlined the operations of 2 subsidiaries and also instituted an internal control system in them.


  • Involved in a pre-public listing exercise of Indocement, a company in the Salim Group. Indocement eventually attained listing in Indonesia and is the second largest cement producing Indonesian company.


  • Spearheaded the recovery of bad debts for a bio-engineering firm called Plantech, a company which the Salim Group had a significant stake in. The company was unprofitable for more than 3 years but could not be wounded up as other companies owed Plantech more than S$1million. Through dogged determination and innovative solutions, I managed to recover more than $700,000 of the bad debts around the world, (Israel, Thailand, Taiwan and Singapore) in less than 3 months.


Lecturer, School of Business, Singapore Polytechnic
  • Spearheaded the development of Entrepreneurship course and conducted lectures to more than 400 final year Electronic and Electrical Engineering students in the entrepreneurship module. Appointed as subject leader and co-ordinator for 4 years to ensure proper curricula design and effective implementation.


  • Received a Silver Award at the Excellence in Teaching Convention. Received my 1st job promotion within 2 years which was considered as a fast-tracked promotion in a statutory board.


Promotions Manager, Asia-Pacific Breweries (Singapore) Ltd
  • Head of Department position with managerial responsibility for more than 200 staff. (The Promotions Department supported the Sales and Marketing Department.)


  • Managed a departmental budget of about S$2.3 million to increase brand visibility which brought in additional revenue. Responsible for setting and achieving strategic and operational objectives for the Promotions Department; financial planning and control of promotional campaigns, development and execution.


  • Raised the service standards & developed the “Commandos Beer Promoters”.


Head of Accounting Division, Yamaichi Merchant Bank (Singapore)
  • Yamaichi Merchant Bank was the oldest investment bank in Asia and one of the Big Four

securities brokerage houses in Japan.


  • Head of Department position with managerial responsibility for 14 staff members. In charge of the accounting, audit matters, tax matters and corporate dividend policies of the Yamaichi Singapore operations.


  • Initiated and spearheaded the bank’s million-dollar computerisation project. Vetted hardware and software vendors and guided the implementation of the “Banking Integrated Software” and the IBM System 34 which is a mid-range computer system.


  • Pioneered S’pore International Monetary Exchange (SIMEX)’s 1st Japanese financial futures  - Nikkei Futures Trading System for Yamaichi Merchant Bank.


  • Assisted in the start-up and operations of Yamaichi Futures Pte Ltd to trade in the Nikkei financial futures in SIMEX.

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