Richard's Journey To Academia

Richard has been an adjunct lecturer with well-established universities in numerous disciplines.

This page highlights his journey to academia in 2 different disciplines:

  1. Creative Thinking

  2. Entrepreneurship

1. Creative Thinking
Why Creative Thinking?

I am passionate in teaching Creative Thinking even though I never thought of myself as a creative person in my schooling years. I felt the need to be creative when I started work. The mantra in the corporate marketplace is “innovate or evaporate”. I realized that my formal education did not adequately prepare me to be a creative executive. I was always in awe of people who came up with innovative solutions and wondered how they came up with creative ideas. I became convinced of the value of being creative as much of my personal accomplishments arose from my ability to generate creative ideas that led to innovative solutions.


Richard's Journey as an Adjunct Lecturer in Creative Thinking

I chose to pursue a MBA with the University of Hull (1992/93) as the emphasis of this programme was on Creative Problem-solving. I was taught and inspired by Professor Robert Flood, an authority in Applied Systems Science. I enjoyed devouring literature in Creative Problem-solving. However, the best way to master a subject matter is to teach it. My lucky break came in 1997. I was fortunate that the Open University, (largest academic institution in the UK), gave me an opportunity to be their adjunct lecturer (1997–2000) for the “Creativity, Innovation and Change” module in the MBA programme. Since then, I have designed and delivered Creative Problem-solving and Innovation workshops. My clients included MNCs, listed companies, government bodies and educational institutions. I also taught with the Singapore Management University in the Creative Thinking module for 5 years (2010-2015). Each semester, I taught between 2 to 6 classes with average class size of 35 undergraduates.


Instead of pursuing a doctoral degree in creative thinking (where the scope of the thesis is narrow), I dedicated more than 5 years of my life to research and write a creative thinking book and produce online videos. I have found my true purpose in life and that is to nurture a generation who can produce creative ideas with just a snap of their fingers.

2. Entrepreneurship

He is an award-winning entrepreneur, having received the “e-GLOBAL” 2003 Award and is a “Spirit of Enterprise” award nominee (2006).


He has more than 30 years of corporate experience. His diverse experiences spanned business development, joint-venture dealings, strategic business planning, sales & marketing, banking, finance, management & financial accounting. Richard has provided corporate advisory services in several multi-million dollars joint-ventures and strategic alliances. He has been consulted in business start-ups, franchising, business valuation, business development and setting-up of internal control systems for SMEs.

Richard's Journey as an Adjunct Lecturer in Entrepreneurship

Richard was an adjunct lecturer (1992-95) with the Maastricht School of Management, MBA programme for the Entrepreneurship module. The Dean of the MBA was Dr. Sam El Namaki.

Richard taught full-time with the Singapore Polytechnic for about 5 years (1989 - 1994). He spearheaded the development of the Entrepreneurship module for the Singapore Polytechnic in 1991 and delivered this module to the final year students of the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. 

Richard is the only Singaporean who was  appointed as the Master Trainer (2002/2003) for the “Be Your Own Boss” & “Self-Employment Training” programs organized by the SPEC (Singapore Professionals and Executives Co-operatives) under the auspices of the Singapore Human Resources Institue (SHRI). Both programmes were funded by the Ministry of Manpower for retrenched executives.

Richard invented the world’s 1st board game on entrepreneurship, Zeros-To-Heros. This game was nominated for the Singapore MENSA SELECT AWARDS (Mensa is the world’s largest high IQ society.) This board game has been played by more than 3,000 participants who are PMEs (Professionals, Managers, Executives) and students in Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei and Vietnam. This board game is an innovative tool that helps to unleash the enterprising spirit of PMEs and help students discover their entrepreneurial potential.

Richard also invented the BrainEEE Cards System.


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