Richard founded TalentRefreshed, a Singapore social enterprise. It is formed with the mission to generate income and employment opportunities for the unemployed PMEs (Professionals, Managers and Executives) who are eager to work and be financially independent.


Why unemployed PMEs?

The plight of the senior unemployed but actively seeking PMEs was recognized by Lim Swee Say, Minister for Manpower, (8 April 2016):

“We are seeing among the workers made redundant, that there are

more mature workers, there are more PMEs, and in fact, they also need

more time to find jobs, especially the mature PMEs.”


There is a dearth of social enterprise that focuses on the unemployed PMEs. Many assumed that being PMEs means that they can take care of their own social and economic wellbeing after they have lost their jobs. However, unemployment affects PMEs the same way it can affect those that are are not as skilled or educated as the PMEs – financial hardships for the family, marital woes, loss of self-identity, adverse impact on their children, etc. This is an under-served and sizeable segment of the population in Singapore as well as Asia. There are more than 170,000 unemployed PMEs in Singapore. If we factor in their families, adverse social impact could affect at least 600,000.​

TalentRefreshed's initiatives recognize that unemployed PMEs have innate value and talent.

Our programmes strive to empower them to:


Please checkout TalentRefreshed website for workshop offerings.

These training programmes are designed to enable our beneficiaries to be more:

  • Creative - able to generate novel ideas at a snap of their fingers

  • Innovative - able to translate creative ideas into products and services which have value

  • Entrepreneurial - able to pro-actively seek opportunities to create and add value

Refreshing our beneficiaries’ talents will help to re-vitalize their lives.​

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