Social Proof of Richard Mak's Teaching Statement

The following testimonials highlighted the social proof of Richard's Teaching Statement from his students and corporate clients.

Commendations from students of Richard's Creative Thinking module, the Singapore Management University 

The professor is highly engaging, frequently posing insightful questions, stimulating student thought processes. The interesting class projects help foster group cohesiveness and mutual learning. The professor also commonly brings in personal life experiences so as to allow students to relate better to the concepts taught. (Student: Frederick Gan Wei Yew)


We get to do sandwich, visit art museums - 'out of class' activities.

It's a really fun module that provides me with an outlet to de-stress amidst the busy school term. Unlike the conventional seminars that we have for our modules, CT allows us to apply creative concepts that we've learnt on the spot during lessons, like the sandwich making project. By forcing us to create an innovative sandwich within the tight limit, our creative juices will be stimulated. (Student: Rebecca Tan Xue Ling)


Prof always seems happy during lessons - love his enthusiasm! He seems to be very fair and nice with the gradings. I like the materials he shared in class and beyond, e.g. interesting videos, opinions of books that he read, trip to the Singapore Arts Musuem.

His classes are also very chill. Kudos to Prof!

This course stimulates creative thinking. It's something different from the core modules.

The work load is manageable and relaxing. (Student: Ye Wenxian, Gordon)

This course is interesting and fun. I get to interact with my group mates and enhance my creativity to come out with innovative ideas. This course also allows me to realise the importance of creativity and provides me with guidelines to be creative. 

Professor made it an effort to teach us through his own experience and through hands-on experience. It allow us to be engaged and be able to put to use what he had taught.


It impart knowledge of using creativity techniques to solve problem related issues.

It also make us more open minded. (Student: Ang Wee Long)

creativity does not come naturally to me, so its good that

i can learn to be more creative through this course.

Assessment Scheme and Project Guidelines are very details (Example : What are the requirement details for reports/projects/presentation in a fixed format)

Prof Richard's interesting handling of the class and sharing of personal experiences makes Creative Thinking an enjoyable course. (Student: Ong Si Hao)

I could tell that he is genuinely interested in the subject of Creative Thinking that he is teaching. He prepared slides every week and appreciated all the class discussions. Prof Richard Mak always made himself available by email (which he replies quite quickly) to answer questions or doubts that we might have. He understands that sometimes, under certain unforeseen circumstances, we might face some difficulty and

decide to be more flexible with time.

Corporate Clients’ Commendations

“Lessons I learnt are: improved understanding of concepts for Business
Model Innovations and possibilities to generate new ideas & strategic
directions. My overall rating for this workshop is excellent.
I’ll strongly recommend this workshop.” GK Ong, Director – Biotek Pte. Ltd


“The games are excellent – they allow us to understand the concepts better

while going through the innovative processes.” Ms Joyce Nang,

Corporate & Strategic Planning Manager, Health Sciences Board.

“There were plenty of opportunities for participants to actively take part

whether to discuss view points, share an experience or even to

clarify points raised in the programme. I see great application

value of the innovation techniques in the workplace.”

Jumari Naiyan, Manager (Customer Services), Ministry of Education


“Opens up fresh perspectives in encouraging & motivating

innovation at the workplace. Raise issues with regards to the conditions

 that engender innovation. A great workshop.” 

Mr Thomas Ng, OC, Tanglin Div, Central Narcotics Bureau

We see the benefits & relevance of MOLI Framework in enabling the

Enterprising Spirit. The Zeros-To-Heros game helps us to see each

other’s character & enterprising potential.

Ng Chuan Ann, Senior Vice President, 

SHC Capital Ltd (SGX listed)

Opens up fresh perspectives in encouraging & motivating innovation

at the workplace. Raise issues with regards to the conditions

that engender innovation. A great workshop.

Mr Thomas Ng – OC of Tanglin Division, Central Narcotics Bureau.


Good participations from all participants. I’ll strongly recommend

this programme to others.    Mr Tony Tan,

Chief Architect, Housing Development Boaard


The workshop is very interesting & useful. It introduces various ways

to challenge our thinking. More staff should be sent for this workshop.

Mr Leo Teng Jit, – Superintendent of Selarang Park DRC,

Singapore Prison.

“The trainer delivers at a comfortable pace and

he is able to engage & draws participation from the audience.”

Chu Duc Trung (John), Business Development @ LifeBox JSC


“The trainer Mr. Richard Mak is passionate & EXCELLENT!”

Nguyen Gia Khanh, Foreign Trade university HCMC


“It shows how a business is started, how a business is run

and  additionally how to sustain a business.”

Zhang Keyun, Youth Executive Committee, Member,

Pasir Ris Elias Community Club


“I learnt great concepts about leverage and

the importance of opportunity‐seeking.”

Song Eun Yong, Undergraduate,

Singapore Management University


“I learnt the basic skills & mindset needed for entrepreneurship.”

Jasmine Kok, Singapore Institute of Management,

Young Entrepreneurs Network

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